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 Élodie Lévêque, Pokémon Breeder & Poacher
Élodie Lévêque
 Posted: 8/20/15, 03:59 pm
29 posts
Pokémon Poacher


Élo clocks in at just a hair over 5', and sports a rather average build for her height, albeit with some gently impressive guns. She's mixed race; from her mother's side come her high cheekbones, and from her father's her various freckles and birthmarks. Her eyes are nothing remarkable, though capable of a piercing glare. Generally, she takes care of her appearance. She owns about a hundred different tubes of lipgloss, and is rarely see without her typical lashes of mascara.

One feature people tend to comment on is her hair. She's actually pretty proud of her springy curls, and likes to keep it natural if she can; it's not that she's averse to straightening, but rather that it takes time and effort she seldom can be bothered to put in. What others like to point out most, though, is its unusual coppery colour, much to her annoyance - yes, it is real, thank you very much!

Her fashion sense is loud and proud, and she loves little more than splashing her cash on the latest trends. There's little Élo won't take for a spin, clothes-wise, and - rather than making her self-conscious - she eats up the stares of others. She particularly loves vibrant prints, bright colours, good leather... and stripes. Well, a little bit of a stereotype never hurt anyone.
Perhaps the word people use most to describe Élo is 'overbearing'. They wouldn't use that word, personally. They would prefer 'vivacious' or 'enthusiastic'. A prime example of what happens when you mix the eccentricities of the upper classes with a natural lack of moral fibre, they never stop, always hyper-focused on achieving some new goal - and not above using underhanded means to do so. Unfortunately, those around them tend to get dragged into their schemes - but to Élo, who is naturally a people-person, that just makes it more fun!

While they're quite the bon vivant, however, in practice this is married to a veritable smörgåsbord of negative traits. Selfish and more than a little haughty, they will suffer no injury to their pride, and will lie, steal and cheat to get on top. Élo also displays very little concept of loyalty, travelling from region to region leaving a string of broken hearts in their wake. They have been called a sociopath, but it's an unfair comparison. A good deal of Élo's bad behaviour is a front - an idealised persona comprising the traits they most think a poacher should display - based on some pretty patchy information. All this is fun and games to them.

Consequently, anyone unlucky enough to genuinely piss them off will discover a surprisingly different breed of bad person. Élo is single-mindedly determined and stubborn, sticking to their guns beyond what anyone would consider wise. They are clever and, more importantly, thoroughly cunning; not ruthless, but close enough as almost makes no odds. They would make a good Nightshade, were they not so fond of the idea of being no man's servant.

Were this all there was to them, one might think there was nothing salvageable of the sweet child they once were, but those familiar with their alter ego would hardly recognise them by day. When Élo is a breeder, that is when they are most themself. They love to read, go for aimless drives to take pictures of the countryside, and of course spend a good chunk of time caring for pokémon. The joie de vivre is a permanent fixture, as is their determined nature, but they are honestly a much softer person than they would like others to believe.

A shame they're completely convinced that any kind of 'normal' life is beyond their reach.
Élo was born in the Camphrier region of Kalos, firstborn child and heir to the highly-regarded Lévêque family. Once a well-to-do family of pokémon breeders, in the years prior to her birth they had fallen on harder times, and despite their large town house and fancy trappings were living on the breadline - as is so often the way when you come from old money. Her father, a native of Kalos and her link to the old bloodline, was kind; her mother, an ex-coordinator and immigrant from Hoenn, was stern. With her mother's entry to the family, the business's focus had shifted to breeding show pokémon - a marriage of their skills as well as their temperaments. It worked for a time, but with pokémon contests not seeing the same kind of success in Kalos, the model swiftly began to fail.

From her mother and father she learned everything she knows about breeding pokémon (which, to be fair to her, is actually rather a lot) over the first handful of years of her life. By the time she was eight Élo was an important part of the family business, in charge of providing transport between Camphrier and Lumiose for both cargo and supplies - a task she oversaw with glee, zipping back and forth on a little push-scooter. But despite their best efforts, business only continued to decline. Lack of interest in contest pokémon - and the rise of the internet meaning trade secrets were no longer so secret - was slowly doing them in, and although Élo's father tried to bargain with her mother she would not budge. Servants - what few there were - were let go; possessions sold. They would not give up the house, but what little opulence they were used to gradually lost its sheen.

On one particularly unlucky day, while approaching the gates of Lumiose, Élodie was mugged for everything she had, including all the newly bred pokémon her family's paycheck had been relying on. She sought help from Lumiose's rangers, but they were unable to track down the perpetrator - a poacher, they told her. Uncommon in these parts, but not unheard of. Further probing told her poachers stole the pokémon of others and sold them on for profit. An illegal practice... but where others saw a heinous act, Élo saw an opportunity to save the life of luxury she'd always fought for.

And so the teenaged Élodie embarked on a life of crime, stealing from the poor and giving to the only person who mattered: herself. She was inexperienced but clever, and picked up the basics very quickly indeed. She bought a new scooter, one more fitting for an adult (for that was what she was now - a grown-up, with a real job). She showered gifts on her family, paid for lavish meals. And when asked from whence the money came, she always, always avoided the question.

Still, nothing good lasts forever. Even the most precocious child is only a child. Of course she was caught by the rangers, and fiercely reprimanded for bringing shame to the family name. But Élodie was a poacher now, and given the choice she refused to give it up. With nothing but her pokémon and her scooter, she left Camphrier at nineteen and has never looked back. Ever since, she has been wandering the wide world, dodging rangers and police, looking for somewhere her family name isn't famous - somewhere she can settle down and make a respectable living, if you believe her. Driving off the boat in Potpourri Harbour, she wonders: could Eden finally be that place?
they drive a mint green scooter to get most places, though they're not stupid, and not above walking or taking public transport if it's not safe to drive. they also own a matching helmet!

identifying as genderflux, Élo sometimes prefers they/them prounouns, and other times she/her. their gender shimmies all over, and can fall anywhere between one hundred percent female to totally agender, depending how they feel. they prefer not to be referred to with words such as 'girl', 'miss' etc.

their favourite alcoholic beverage is a G & T, but they mix them a little strong for most tastes.

their need to keep moving borders on the obsessive, and Élo becomes very fidgety and unhappy if they are forced to stay in the one place for long. while their desire to settle and maybe open their own breeding business is earnest, their fear of sitting still keeps getting in the way.

Élo really hates it when people squish spiders - or any kind of insect! who died and put you in charge of decided what lives and dies?

more to come.
made by gimmick on gs
Élodie Lévêque
 Posted: 8/20/15, 08:08 pm
29 posts
Pokémon Poacher

» pokémon

The eldest of the team, Ève has served as companion to Élo since ever she was old enough to have pokémon. She was a chance acquisition, gifted into the family as a hatchling, but Élo's parents - having no use for the seviper in their business - decided to pass her down to their child, under whose care she has languished since. Had they known Ève came from a rich heritage of fighting snakes, they might have thought twice. As Élodie had no taste for battle, Ève found her talents sorely wasted for many long years, and it's had the unfortunate side effect of making her extremely aggressive. While a stalwart protector and precious friend, Élo often finds her eagerness to fight and lack of restraint a little distressing.

Bold nature. Met in Camphrier Town. Arrived at Silver tier. Highly persistent. Likes sour food.

Moves: Wrap, Swagger, Bite, Lick, Poison Tail, Screech, Venoshock, Glare, Poison Fang, Venom Drench, Night Slash, Gastro Acid, Poison Jab, Haze, Crunch, Coil, Wring Out

Despite his wealth of experience compared to some of Élo's more recent finds, Anatole remains very much the baby of the team. A naturally shy and retiring creature, his timid nature is only exacerbated by his discomfort in foreign lands; he is a Kalos native, and finds he's having some difficulty communicating with the locals. However, Anatole remains deeply inquisitive, and won't let a small thing like that get in the way of his curiosity. Élo coddles the fat little bug to the point of spoiling him, often carrying him around like a cat or small dog. A lot of other people think this is super gross.

Timid nature. Met on Kalos Route 6. Arrived at Bronze tier. Highly curious. Likes sweet food.

Moves: Defense Curl, Rollout, Poison Sting, Screech, Pursuit, Protect, Poison Tail, Bug Bite, Agility, Toxic

Ditto is a pokémon traditionally overlooked as simply an oddity: tactically useless and largely incommunicado, they are no one's choice of pet. While they have their applications in breeding, purebreds are always preferred to ditto's 'clones' - so when a transformed René sneaked their way into the Lévêque furfrou stock, it almost caused a small PR disaster for the family. Élo, however, sensed René was special, and begged to keep them for her own. To this day, she just can't shake the feeling that there's something about that ditto... some hidden ability waiting to come to the fore.

Lax nature. Met in Camphrier Town. Arrived at Bronze tier. Somewhat of a clown. Likes sour food.

Moves: Transform

Rash nature. Acquired at Bronze tier under mysterious circumstances. Mischievous. Likes dry food.

Moves: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Acid, Knock Off, Sweet Scent, Gastro Acid, Razor Leaf, Slam, Wring Out

Naïve nature. Acquired at Bronze tier under mysterious circumstances. Nods off a lot. Likes sweet food.

Moves: Sweet Scent, Fairy Wind, Sweet Kiss, Odor Sleuth, Echoed Voice, Calm Mind, Draining Kiss, Aromatherapy, Attract, Charm, Flail, Misty Terrain, Skill Swap, Disarming Voice

??? nature. Caught at Silver tier in Primrose Town. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Absorb, Growth, Poison Sting, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Grass Whistle, Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Sweet Scent, Ingrain, Petal Blizzard, Toxic, Aromatherapy, Synthesis

??? nature. Acquired at Bronze tier in Primrose Town. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Fake Out, Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Foresight, Sing, Attract, Disarming Voice, Double Slap, Copycat, Feint Attack, Charm, Assist, Covet, Heal Bell, Captivate

??? nature. Acquired at Bronze tier under mysterious circumstances. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite, Glare, Screech, Acid, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Acid Spray, Gastro Acid, Haze, Coil

??? nature. Acquired at Bronze tier under mysterious circumstances. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Growth, Worry Seed, Synthesis, Take Down, Seed Bomb

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